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Local Pet Stylists & More!


Over 30 years of grooming experience.

I am Debbie Larson a professional pet stylist since 1982. I do continuing education & only use products with transparent ingredient practices.

    Pet styling is not only my profession, it's my passion. It eventually led me to showing dogs as a hobby and I have shown several breeds to their Championships in AKC as well as ASCA(Australian Shepherd Club). I have also titled a few dogs in obedience competitions. I am a firm believer in continuing education and take time out to travel to trade shows and grooming seminars. Skin and coat is a reflection of an animals' overall health and I spend many hours researching diet and nutrition to help my clientele be the best they can be!

Right at home sweet home

Best of Breed Pet Salon & Pawtique LLC has been serving the pets of La Grande, and their owners for many years!
I want to thank my staff Deb Martell, all my family, friends, animals, clients & everyone in Union County & the surrounding area for making it such a huge success.


Pet Nutrition & Diet

During my many years of experience working with dogs and cats I've seen just how important what they eat is to their health! Most people come in because their dog has some kind of issue. The majority of the time it's an allergy or sensitivity; resulting in itching, rashes, or vomiting/diarrhea.

I counsel them on why feeding Fresh, Whole Foods can improve their dog, or cat's, gut biome thereby relieving all of the symptoms they are having.
Those that know about the benefits of Fresh, Whole Pet Foods, seek them out because they know their dog or cat will live a longer, healthier, thriving life with fewer vet visits. In comparison to feeding highly processed foods with grains, legumes, and synthetic vitamins.

Feeding your pet these foods is so important to me that for the last few years I've carried and sold the best quality Fresh Pet Foods. Making them more available for our local area of Eastern Oregon and La Grande. Click the button below to see what's available for your pet and provide them a more healthful nutrition today!

We're local too!

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