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Why Feed Raw Pet Food?

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Common Benefits of Feeding Raw Food

Feeding your cat or dog a raw food diet will help with allergy issues and associated symptoms. Commonly including skin conditions, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Feeding fresh, raw pet food can improve your pet's gut biome. Relieving symptoms, helping them live a longer, healthier, thriving life with fewer vet visits.

You'll also notice that their skin and coat will look and feel much healthier too.

What Are The Raw Pet Food Choices?

Because these foods are raw they have no added preservatives. So to make the most of the raw nutrition these foods are packaged and stored in a variety of methods. The most common ones we offer are:

  • Frozen

  • Freeze Dried or Air Dried

Frozen Raw Pet Food

These foods are frozen raw, maintaining quality without the unnecessary addition of preservatives. Without the lose of nutrients that is often associated with cooked or highly processed foods.

Store these products frozen then thaw or thaw a portion of the raw pet food before feeding, then store any remaining or uneaten food under refrigeration for several days.

Always consult the food label for correct storage and handling instructions, each product will vary.


Freeze Dried or Air Dried Raw Pet Food


Like frozen, Freeze Drying allows food to maintain its peak nutrition, enzymes, proteins, and minerals without preservatives.

Air Dried foods go through a gentle air drying process that allows the raw food to last longer with all of the benefits of natural, raw food but without the need of preservatives.

Both Freeze Dried and Air Dried foods are handled minimally and produced quickly to maintain peak freshness.

Always make sure your pet has plenty of water when eating Air and Freeze Dried meals or treats.

Shop Raw Pet Food Now

Feeding your Cat or Dog fresh, whole foods can improve their digestive health, relieving common sensitivities and allergies. Vastly improving their quality of life!

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